Their we went in camp. We lay there for some time till Grant had his plans perfected for storming Vicksburg. While we lay their several transport run the blockade. One was set on fire and burned. Two got thru safe. (On the evening of April 16, 1863 a flotilla of gunboats and steamships sailed past Vicksburg.) Those boats were to take troops over the river to Fort Gibson. On the march thru Leouisiano I took sick. I and a comrad, John Andre, were left here sick. We could not keep up. We did not get to the regiment till after they got in the rear of the rebs. Here I learned of many of the company boys was killed at Champion's Hill. My how sad. (the 93rd fought May 16, 1863 at Champion Hill, Mississippi losing 164 killed and wounded) Then at the charge again where we lost several (the regiment participated in the Charge at Vicksburg on May 22).When I got to the company and could go out and look over and see the rebels forts I thought it just fun. Our company was out on picket. One day we had to lay in rifel pits about three feet wide, three or more deep. I know I got awful tired so I got up and set on the ground that was taken out of the ditch. I did not set long till the Captain seen me. He yelled out get down there. You will get your head shot off. I just droped down when zip came a bullet. To say I was scared is mild. I never after that exposed myself.