(The regiment embarked from Savannah on the steamship Mary A. Boardman and sailed to Beaufort, South Carolina to bypass the flooded area. The sea was very stormy and most of the men were seasick according to the regimental history.)

January 24, 1865

Last night we rode on the ship nearly all night. It was very stormy. The ship rolled from one side then the other. It was very cold. We were in the (unidentified word) and had no place to lay down. We did not sleep mutch. This morning found us at Beaufort and we got off at 10 oclock. and marched three quarter of a mile then halted awhile. Then marched outside of the works about 2 miles from beaufort. We are now in camp and is still prety cold. We have not heard nothing of the division in our (unidentified word).

January 26, 1865

This morning it is very cold and our camp is very smoky. This morning we can hear cannonading towards Charleston. I supose our fleet has atacted them.

January 29, 1865

This morning we got orders to be redy to march. We packed up but did not leave till noon. Then we marched 19 miles. We are now under Brg Clark ( Brigadier General William T. Clark). He is a fine looking felow.

January 30, 1865

This morning we got to the river about 9 and layed over till 1. Then we marched about 10 miles and are now in camp in the timber. Very nies place to camp.

January 31, 1865

To day our rgtment went out about 3 miles to suport the pioneer corp so that they could open the road. The rebles had fell a lot of trees across the road and tore up several briges. We are now back in camp again. (The Pioneer Corp was responsible for building bridges, roads, and fortifications.)

February 2, 1865

To day we marched prety erly. We marched 12 miles to day and did not find no rebles yet. The (unidentified word) skirmished with them all the time.

February 3, 1865

To day our Division was in the Advance. The caverly had quite a skirmish with them. To day gen John Logan was with us.

February 4, 1865

To day we marched but not very hard. We marched 8 miles to day. To day gen Sherman passed our colum toward the front. To night I am on Picket about 1 1/2 miles from camp.

February 5, 1865

This morning we march at 7. We march about 3 miles and come to the enemy fortifications which they had avacuated. They had prety good works right in a swamp but we flanked them out and are now in (unidentified words).

February 6, 1865

To day we marched 12 miles and drove the rebles across a large swamp. The 2nd Brigad had quite a brisk skirmish with them. They had all cavelry. We are now in camp and is raining very fast.

February 7, 1865

This morning we march at 10. It rained all night and part of the day. We marched about a mile and got to the railroad. The 1st and 2nd Divisions are tearing the railroad up. We are camped near the railroad now. This evening we have 6 chickens to cook that we foraged.

February 8, 1865

To day we are on the railroad Destroying it. We worked on it nearly all day. We are now in camp at a station called Bamburght (Bamberg, South Carolina).

February 10, 1865

This morning we had to go out and destroy railroad again. We worked till about 6 oclock then we went to camp.

February 11, 1865

This morning we leave again at half past six. It is very plesent this morning. The contry that we have passed over since we left Beaufort is generly very swampy and very sandy. To day we crossed the Edisto river and a swamp of about a mile and a half. We marched 12 miles to day.

February 12, 1865

To day the 2nd Div of our corps had quite a lively skirmish with the rebel. We wanted to cross the north Edisto river and they had fortified on the other side but we flanked them out. To day we marched 7 miles.

February 13, 1865

Last night we did not get to camp till nearly aleven o clock. Then we camped in an open field. It was prety cold. To day we marched 21 miles. We marched very hard. We are now 25 miles from Columbia.

February 14, 1865

To day we march again 10 miles. To day we passed the camps of the 17th Corps. They are right aside of us. This afternoon it rained prety fast. We got prety wet. We marched over very hilly ground but very sandy. We passed some very rich plantation some fine farms but all had deserted and all of there stock driven off or hid in the timber.

February 15, 1865

This morning we were to march at 7 and marched about a half mile then went to our camp again. I supose there is another division going ahead of us.

February 16, 1865

To day we marched 6 miles. We were on picket all night and in the mud nearly to our knees. Then this morning we marched out and come to the corps. We are now in sight of Columbia. We can see the city plainly. It was mid night when we got to camp. We crossed the river and then marched.