(Sherman's Army captured Savannah on December 21, 1864. Jefferson Moses and the 93rd were camped near Savannah and he had several opportunities to visit the city. During January, 1865 the Army made attempts to begin a march into South Carolina but heavy rains and flooded rivers drove them back to Savannah.)

December 24, 1864

To day the genrels all have a grand review of all of the troops around savanah. I am not out. I just got off of picket and did not go out. The 17 Corps moves out to day.

December 25, 1864

To day is Christmas. We are still at savanah. The citizens seem to Enjoy themselves very well since the yankes are here.

December 26, 1864

To day I was down in the city of savanah. It is a very nies town. I was down on the warf. I seen several large steamers and one ship that had Anchored in the river. I seen one torpedo.

December 29, 1864

To day the 14 Corp has a nies review through the City of Savanah. Nothing new to day.

December 30, 1864

To day I am on commesary guard. I have a very sore hand. It is very painful to me. We are now puting up good quarters but how long we will stay in them I do not know.

January 1, 1865

To day we are on picket and on camp guard. To day is newyears. The boys fired lots of shot (unidentified words) and musketz last night.

January 3, 1865

This morning we got orders to be redy to march at 7 but this morning we still lay in camp. We were to report to the chief quartermasters Department.

January 5, 1865

To day we got a chimney in our tent. It does very well so far. To day there is another detail out of our regt on fatigue.

January 7, 1865

To day I am on guard at the warf. It is a very nies day to stand guard.

January 8, 1865

This morning one of our boys come back that was wounded at the batle of Allatoona. He is well and harty. To day I am on fatigue. I helped to unload some boats first some hay and then some oats. We worked till after dark then went to camp.

January 10, 1865

To day I was detailed to go down the river on a boat after some forage. We went down 8 miles and uload some oats of a large ship. We did not get to load till 3 o clock. Then we had to load 700 sacks of oats. We did not get to camp till nearly 11 pm.

January 12, 1865

To day genrel sherman reviews gen killpaterchs caverly. They make a splendid sight. (Brigadier General Judson Kilpatrick in command of the 3rd Cavalry Division.)

January 13, 1865

To day we was on fatigue but did not do anything. We just layed around and kept in relive for any moments notice.

January 17, 1865

To day some of the 19 Corps landed here. I supose they will stay here till we take some other place. Then they will probely come there.

January 19, 1865

This morning we got redy to march. We got order last evening to march at 6 Am but did not leave town till 8. Then we marched across the pontoon. We crossed the first and then it comenced to rain and got awful mudy and after we crossed the second pontoon every wagon stuck nearly (unidentified word). Then we had to pull them out. It was awful mudy. We did not get to camp till after dark.

January 20, 1865

To day was an awful day for us. We turned back again for savannah. We could not cross. The water comenced to raise so that we had to leave. There are a greatmany of our Division teams lost I supose. There are a greatmany mules drounded from what I can learn and I supose some of the Teamsters. The 2nd Brigade of our Division got across yesterday but the ferry was cut and we could not follow. Genrel Smith (Brigadier General John E. Smith) got over. We are now in our old quarter again. ( Sherman's Army began the March through the Carolina's on January 19. However after crossing the Savannah River, the Army got "stuck in the mud" only a couple of miles from the city. The 93rd returned to Savannah on January 20.)

January 22, 1865

To day it is still raining and is very unplesent to be out of door. We have ordr to march at daylight to morrow morning.

January 23, 1865

To day we are laying under orders. We packed up this morning and were to be redy to march in a moments notice but now it is nearly 1 oclock. We got aboard a steam ship for parts unown to us this evening.

( The regiment sailed to Beaufort, South Carolina and began their march through South Carolina.)