(In June the 93rd left their comfortable quarters in Huntsville and camped in Kingston, Georgia. Later they moved to Allatoona to guard the large Federal storage depot located there. On June 27, there was a head-on train crash that included many men from the 93rd. One was killed and many were wounded. The men were riding on top of an ordnance train carrying percussion shells. Fortunately the shells didn't explode. From his diary entry, it is obvious that Moses was not on the train.)

June 28, 1864

The 5 Iowa and 93 Ill have gone on to Kingston day before yesterday. The train from Kingston run in our train with 99 regiment and wounded 31 of our men. Some were back.

June 29, 1864

We left Chattanooga and run to Graysville. There we layed till about 10. Then we started and got to Kingston after night. We passed a good many wounded that were wounded on the 27 out in front.

July 14, 1864

Yesterday we got some mail but not mutch. I got a letter from my cousin from Vicksburg. (The 46th Illinois had many members from Stephenson County and could have been stationed at Vicksburg at this time.)

July 18, 1864

Today there were a lot of catle drove through here. They were prety fat.

July 19, 1864

This morning the officer of the day arested two men for firing there pieses on picket. They belong to the 8 Iowa caverley. They are the hardest looking set I have seen in the army yet.

July 21, 1864

This morning I arrived at Kingston again. I was to Cartersville (Georgia) with some Dispatches for Division headquarters. I also had com for the 26 Mo. They lay down about a mile from the town of Cartersville.

July 22, 1864

This morning the news came that Sherman entered Atlanta at 8 this morning. I hope it is so. (While there were battles outside of Atlanta at this time, the city did not fall until September 2, 1864.)

July 23, 1864

We have awful sorowful news from the front of genrel Mc pherson being killed (General James McPherson was killed in the battle of Atlanta). He passed up here on the train. I am sorry to hear that he was killed. Respected officer and has Extinguished himself.

July 31, 1864

This morning the pay master comenced to pay off our regt. I got my pay about 11 am. I drawed 32 dollars three months pay. The 10 Iowa Veterans landed at Kingston. They are just from home. They look prety harty.

August 4, 1864

We have good news from the East this morning. This evening I got a Chicago day Tribune the first that I seen for nearly a year. They go like hot cakes.