(Jefferson Moses participated in the Grand Review in Washington D.C. on his 22nd birthday on May 24. He then headed to Louisville via train and steamship to be mustered out on June 23.)

May 23, 1865

To day we move camp again. We marched 4 miles near to Washington. We seen the army of the Potomac marching. They march through the city in review to day. Tomorow we will march in review.

May 24, 1865

This morning we move out for the grand Review. We had a gay time. I never seen so many citizens colect to gather as their were to day. The streets were thronged with women and children and men from the north. They cheered us. It looked nies. To day is my birthday. I am 22 years old.

May 25, 1865

To day we lay in camp.

May 29, 1865

To day I was over to the 14th corp to see two of my cousins but did not get to see them.

May 31, 1865

This morning we go abord the cars for baltimore. We are now in the car bound for Louisville.

June 1, 1865

To day we are on the car yet. We pass over very hilly contry and the largest mountons I ever seen. Last night we passed through Harpers ferry. Then there are some mountons.

June 2, 1865

To day we landed at the ohio river. We are now in parkersburgh (Parkersburg, West Virginia). We got here about 2 oclock. We got on the steamer Ella faber.

June 3, 1865

To day we are still on the steamer boat. There are three boat in sight. To day we pass numerous towns and the citizens seem to be very pleased. They gather along the shore and cheer us and we cheer in return for them.

June 4, 1865

To day we landed at Louisville. We got there at 8 oclock and got off of the steamboat and went through town and camped about a mile from town. We have a very nies place for a camp.

June 7, 1865

To day the 2nd Division got here.

June 9, 1865

This evening we got our pay. I got $163.35 cent.

June 11, 1865

This morning I heard the sorrowful news of the death of my Dear sister. Oh it almost breaks my heart. I got it through other letter. One in my own company Ruben Mayres (Reuben Myers) got it in his letter last evening. Oh I am anxious for a letter from home now. ( 18 year old Clara Elizabeth Moses died on June 1, 1865. She had given birth to an out-of-wedlock daughter on February 25. The cause of death is unknown.)

June 12. 1865

I still have no letter from home. I am anxiously awaiting for one. I hope I will get one to night.

June 13, 1865

Nothing new to day. No letter for me yet.

June 14, 1865

To day I was in the city of Louisville. I seen lots of things in there.

June 20, 1865

To day I was in the City again. This evening I received a letter from home dated the 5th.

June 23, 1865

To day we are mustered out of the United states service. We leave for Chicago. We cross the river to New albany. Then we take the cars and go to chicago.

June 24, 1865

To day we are on the cars.

June 25, 1865

Last night we reached the city of Chicago. We are now in the old baracks. It rained very hard when we got here but we find it prety nies here. To day old Joe reel (Joe Reel was the original Captain of Company G but resigned in 1864) come to see us and old John (unidentified) he comes from home.

(The diary ends)