(The Regiment continues to march through North Carolina. As the War is coming to a close, they learn of the assassination of President Lincoln, the surrender of General Lee at Appomattox, and the surrender of General Johnston.)

March 23, 1865

To day we marched 12 miles and got to camp in good time. We crossed a prety large creek to day.

March 24, 1865

To day we crossed the noose (Neuse) river. It is a prety nies stream. To day we marched 14 miles and got to Goldsburough (Goldsboro). We marched a round the outer part of the town.

March 26, 1865

To day there is a large detail of our regt gone out foraging. Last night we drawed full rations of hard bread for nearly 5 weeks.

(In camp from March 26 - April 3. Nothing was reported in the diary.)

April 3, 1865

We had general Inspection of all arms and equipment.

April 5, 1865

To day we drawed soft bread again for the first time since we left Savanah.

April 7, 1865

This evening we had the glorious news read to us on dresparade of richmon being in our posesion. There was a continued yell all day yesterday all along our lines and Lee was retreating towards Danville.

April 10, 1865

This morning we leave for parts unown by us. We are now on the march. We marched 18 miles to day. We did not get to camp till midnight. It rained all day.

April 11, 1865

This morning we leave again. To day we marched 18 miles. We marched till mid night before we got to camp. We are now rear guard.

April 12, 1865

To day we marched very hard again. We marched 20 miles and got to camp in good time. To day the 1st Division had quite a skirmish with the enemy. To day we had the good news that genrel grant had captured old gen Lee. Oh what good news. I have it from genrel Sherman. (Lee surrendered at Appomattox on April 9.)

April 13, 1865

To day we crossed the Noose(Neuse) river. We marched 20 miles to day. We come over a very nice contry to day. Some very rich old planters live here.

April 14, 1865

To day we marched 5 miles and went to camp to day. We marched through the capital of N. C. ( Raleigh). It is a prety nies town. The capital is a nies building. We are now camped 1/2 mile from town. We marched in review. Our noble gen sherman and gen John Logan reviewed us.

April 15, 1865

This morning we marched out again. We marched about 2 miles then stoped and went and made a detail to go and get some rations. We were ordered to stay 3 hours but did not stay so long till we were ordered back to our camp again. Some say Johnson surendered.

April 16, 1865

Nothing new to day about Johnson wether he will surender or not but it is believed he will surender. (Negotiations between Generals Sherman and Johnston had begun but the actual surrender did not occur until April 26.) To day our regt went up to genrel howards (O. O. Howard) H Q to hear sermon preached. This was a prety large conregation. Our Chaplin preached.

April 17, 1865

Today we hear of the terrible murder of president Lincoln. He was asasinated in the oppera thetre. In his private room he was shot through the head and the same night secretary stuart (Seward) house was entered and severely stabed and his son mortely wounded. (The assassination occured late on the evening of April 14 in Ford's Theatre. William Henry Seward was Secretary of State. He and his son Frederick survived this attack in their home.)

April 18, 1865

To day we have the official news of the assasination of our president. Oh it is horible. Well we hope for the best.

April 19, 1865

To day I wrote a letter to Brother Lewis. (Younger brother Lewis Moses is in the 46th Illinois)

April 20, 1865

To day we changed camp. We are now on higher ground and have our tents set off of the ground.

April 21, 1865

To day I am on camp guard.

April 22, 1865

To day I was in town. I seen carl sherts and sherman. They reviewed the 20th corp. They made a nies disply. They marched through town. (carl sherts is Major General Carl Schurz, the chief of staff for Major General Henry Slocum.)

April 23, 1865

day one of my old school mates come to see me. He is from (unidentified word). He looks well and harty. To day I wrote a letter to sister mary and (unidentified word) and father.

April 25, 1865

To day ulysus grant rode through our camp. He marched genrel sherman. They both look well and harty and I supose they think that the war is on its last legs. Wish it is so.

April 26, 1865

To day we are yet in camp. Last evening there was a rumer that we would march before long.

April 27, 1865

To day we are transfered to the 1st Div. Gn. smith(John E. Smith) is going to Tennesse to take comand there.

April 29, 1865

Last evening we got ordrs to march. We marched at 6. We crossed the Nuse (Neuse) river on the pontoon brige. We marched 12 miles. I supose our destination is richmond. (Moses reports crossing the Neuse River three times on his march through North Carolina. This is possible based on the flow of the River and the route of the march.)

May 1, 1865

To day we march again. We stop now and made coffee. It is 2 p m. We are to go 7 miles more. To day we marched 22 miles.

May 2, 1865

To day we marched very hard. We marched all day. We stoped 2 hours and had coffee. Then marched till nearly night. We marched 24 miles.

May 3, 1865

To day we marched very hard. We marched 24 miles till 3 oclock. We are now in camp near the roneock (Roanoke) River. The division got ahead of us to day.