cdv Sgt. Luther Hess & cdv Sgt. Elias Kostenbader, Company G, 93rd Infantry, Illinois Volunteers

The Ninety-third Infantry Illinois Volunteers was organized at Chicago, Ill., in September, 1862, by Colonel Holden Putnam, and was mustered in October 13, 998 strong.

Was ordered to Memphis, Tenn., November 9, and arriving on the 14th, moved with General Grant's army, in the Northern Mississippi Campaign, to Yocona creek, and thence, via Lumpkin's Mills, to Memphis, arriving December 30. Marched again, immediately, to Lafayette, Tenn., and returned to Ridgeway, where the Regiment remained during January and February, 1863.

Embarked for Lake Providence, March 8, and from thence moved to Helena, 10th. From thence moved down the river on the Yazoo Pass Expedition. Entered Moon Lake the 22d, and landed near Greenwood. After reconnoitering the enemy's position, re-embarked and returned to Helena. On the 13th of April, moved to Milliken's Bend, and, on the 25th, commenced the Vicksburg Campaign. Marched via Bruinsburg, Port Gibson, Raymond and Clinton, and arrived at Jackson, May 14. The ninety-third was first under fire here. Participated in the advance, losing 3 killed and 4 wounded.

Remained at Jackson until the 15th, and then moved toward Vicksburg. On the 16th was engaged in the battle of Champion Hills.

The Ninety-third was in the Third Brigade, Seventh Division, Seventeenth Army Corps. At 2 o'clock p.m., Brigadier General Hovey's Division being severely pressed, the Brigade was ordered forward and placed on the extreme left. After 20 minutes' fighting it was flanked on the left, and, retiring steadily, changed front to the left. Being again flanked, it again retired, and in this position held its ground against a most furious attack, after which the enemy retreated to Black River Bridge. The loss of the Regiment was 1 officer and 37 men killed, 6 officers and 107 men wounded, and 1 officer and 10 men missing.

On the 17th, again moved toward Vicksburg. At noon, of the 19th, came on the enemy's line, about 3 miles from the city. On the 22d of May, was engaged in the assault on the enemy's works, on the left of Port Fisher, losing 10 or 12 men killed and wounded. In the afternoon was ordered to re-enforce General McClernand's command, near the railroad. At 4 o'clock p.m., charged the enemy. Loss in this charge, 5 enlisted men killed, and 1 officer and 49 enlisted men wounded. On the 22d of June, moved to the rear, and on July 4, was stationed at McCall's plantation.

July 13, 1863, started for Jackson. Arrived on the 15th, and immediately moved to Vicksburg, arriving the 25th. On the 12th of September, moved to Helena, Ark., and on the 30th, to Memphis. Moved to Glendale October 8. Marched to Barnsville, Miss., October 8. On the 19th, marched toward Chattanoonga, via Iuka, Florence, Alabama, Winchester, Tenn., and Bridgeport, Ala., arriving November 19.

November 24, the Regiment crossed the Tennessee River, and threw up a tete de pont, occupying the works until the pontoon bridge was built, and November 25, was heavily engaged at Mission Ridge, losing Colonel Holden Putnam, and 19 men killed, 1 officer and 41 enlisted men wounded, and 2 officers and 25 men missing. Pursued the enemy, November 26 and 27, to Grayson, and returned to Chattonooga. Moved toward Bridgeport, Ala., December 3. On the 22d, moved to Larkinsville, Ala., and January 17, 1864, to Huntsville. On the 12th of February, participated in the reconnoissance to Dalton. On the 24th and 25th, lay in the line of battle all day, near Dalton. Returned to Huntsville March 6.

Moved, by rail, to Decatur, Ala., and June 14 marched, via Huntsville and Larkinsville, to Stevenson, Ala., arriving on the 25th.

On the 27th, moved by rail to Chattanooga, and, 28th, to Kingston. One mile north of Dalton, the train collided with an up-train, and 1 officer and 30 men were wounded.

July 2d, moved to Etowah, to guard crossings, until 11th, when the Regiment returned to Kingston.

August 2d and 3d, marched to Allatoona. On the evening of the 15th, moved, by rail, to Resaca, and, on the 17th, marched to Spring Place, but Wheeler's cavalry having retreated, the command returned to Resaca and to Allatoona.

On the 3d of September, 10 men were captured while out foraging.

On the 5th of October, the Ninety-third was a part of the force, 2,100 strong, which so signally defeated General French's Rebel Division of 7,000. At one o'clock A.M., the picket firing commenced. At seven A.M. the enemy made his first charge, and, after desperate fighting, succeeded in pressing the Union forces back, from the outer line of works, into the forts. Until three P.M., the battle raged with intense fury, when the enemy hastily withdrew, in the direction of Dallas. The Ninety-third lost 21 killed, 3 officers and 49 men wounded, and 10 missing.

On the 12th of November, 1864, the Regiment started on "the march to the seas" and marched via Atlanta, McDonough, Jackson, Planter's Factory, Hillsboro, Clinton, Gordon, Irwinton, Summerville, and Eden, reaching the enemy's lines around Savannah, December 10th. On the 11th skirmished with the enemy at Ogeechee canal, losing 1 killed and 2 wounded. On the 12th, moved to "Station 1," on the Gulf Railroad, and remained till the 21st, when it marched into the city and there remained until January 19th, 1865.

Commenced the Campaign of the Carolinas on the 19th of January. Marched across the Savannah River and two miles into the swamp. On the 20th, returned to Savannah, and 23d embarked for Beaufort, S.C. Landed on the 24th, and, on the 29th, marched northward, via McPhersonville, Hickory Hill, Owens' Cross Roads, Baneburg, Graham ( destroying one and a half miles railroad), Binnaker's Bridge, Orangeburg, Bates' Ferry,on the Congaree(where skirmished with the enemy 15th February), and to Columbia, arriving 17th. While here 1 man was mortally wounded by the accidental explosion of shells.

From Columbia, marched, via Muddy springs, Peay's Ferry, on theWateree, Liberty Hill, West's corner ( here had 1 man wounded by enemy's cavalry), to Cheraw,S.C.; thence, via Laural Hill, Big Raft Swamp, Fayetteville, Jackson's Cross Roads, Cox's Bridge, and Bentonville, arriving at Goldsboro March 24th. On the 10th of April, moved to Raleigh, arriving 14th.

After the surrender of Jackson's army, marched, via Petersburg and Richmond, Va., to Washington City. Participated in the grand review May 24th, and on the 31st, moved to Louisville, Ky.

June 23rd, mustered out of service, and, on the 25th, arrived at Chicago, Ill. Received final payment and discharge July 7th, 1865.

During two years and seven month's service, the casualties, in battle, of the Ninety-third were 446 and 31 men accidentally wounded.

The Regiment has marched 2,554 miles, traveled, by water, 2,296 miles, and by railroad 1,237 miles. Total, 6,087 miles.