(Jefferson Moses marched into North Carolina on March 8. One of the final battles of the war took place at Bentonville from March 19-21. The 93rd was in the line of battle but not directly engaged in the battle.)

March 8, 1865

To day we marched 12 miles and made codoroy (corduroy road) all day. It rained all day. To night we camp in north Carolina.

March 9, 1865

To day it rained all day. We did not march very far till we got in an awful swamp. We marched all day and are still at it to night. It is now past mid night and part of the horses is still in the mud and water. (The regimental history classified this day as one of the worst of the war. They were stuck in a quicksand swamp and the mules gave up and refused to budge. The wagons had to be pulled out by the men.)

March 10, 1865

To day we crossed the Lumber river a small river. We marched 10 miles. We marched 7 miles before we got to the Division. We got to camp at 4 this morning. We marched nearly all night.

March 11, 1865

This morning we are in the rear of our Corps. When we were redy to start the rebels crossed the swamp and cut two horses loose from the Ambulance and recrossed again but wounded one or two men. They were dressed in our uniform. To day we marched 8 miles in nearly all swamp. We did not get to camp till 11 o clock.

March 12, 1865

To day we marched 12 miles and come within 2 miles of the city of fayetteville. We were rear guard and did not come to camp till 10 o clock. The whole corps is in camp here. The city is now taken by the 14 corps and the caverly.

March 13, 1865

To day we lay in camp.

March 14, 1865

To day we lay in camp till nearly noon. Then we marched through the city of Fayetteville. It is a prety nies town but we did not get to go through the center of the town. This evening we crossed the cape fear river on the pontoon bridge.

March 15, 1865

To day we leave at 1 o clock. To day we marched 10 miles. We did not get to camp till after dark. We waded mud and water (unidentified word) to our bodies. It was dredful so it was.

March 17, 1865

Last night I was on picket. Yesterday it rained nearly all day and part of the night. This morning we were relieved from picket and went to the Division then marched back again. To day we marched 8 miles and got to camp in good time.

March 18, 1865

To day we marched 12 miles and got to camp at 3 pm. To day we come over a very swampy contry. We waded one large swamp.

March 19, 1865

To day we marched 11 miles and camped. The 14 Corps had a heavy fight with the rebels. (The Battle of Bentonville had started)

March 20, 1865

Last night we had to throw up works. We had good works. To day we marched 10 miles and come on to the enemy. They are fortified prety strong. Our men drove them a good piece to day. This afternoon we change camp. We moved about a mile and camped again. It rained very hard.

March 21, 1865

This morning it is nies and clear again. Last night our men charged the enemys works and took one line of there works but they charged 5 or 6 times through the night trying to drive our men back again. The results I have not learned. (Confederate General Joe Johnston had a force of 21,000 men and attacked repeatedly on the left of the union line without success. His outmanned army was forced to retreat on the 21st. The 93rd was in the line of battle on the 20th but were on right side of the union line and were not directly involved in the battle.)

March 22, 1865

It is noon and we are in camp yet this morning. The rebels (unidentified word) there fortifications. Our troops have posession of all there outer works. To day it is very windy and very smokey.