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Marshalltown Noon Lions Club Officers 2018-2019


Rev. Wally Paige
1st Vice President
Carol Winters
2nd Vice President
Garland Schossow
John Winters
Mel Dostal

International and District 9MC Officers

International President, 
Naresh Aggarwal
9MC District Governor,
Judith Stone 2017-2018
Zone 6 Chairperson,
Erica Briest
State Administrator: PDG Tim Wilson
2018-2019 Marshalltown Noon Lions BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Rev Wally Paige
bullet1st Vice President
Carol Winters
bullet2nd Vice President
Garland Schossow
bulletPast President, Membership
Don Crowley
John Winters
Mel Dostal
bulletTail Twister
Carol Winters
bulletLion Tamer
Doris Langenbau
bulletDirector (1st Year)
Rev. Allan Thoreson
bulletDirector 1st Year)
Jack Farr
bulletDirector (2nd Year)
Chuck Wood
bulletDirector (2nd Year)
Ivadeen Proffitt

First Vice-President-- 
Carol Winters

Aug., Oct., Dec., Feb., Apr.,  & Jun., Programs and Supervises
following committees:

bulletMembership Don Crowley
bulletScholarship Mel Dostal
bulletSong Leader  Doris Langenbau
bulletPianist Doris Langenbau
bulletReligion... Greg Ellcey,  A. Thoreson
bulletNominating Don Crowley, Garland Schossow
bulletPark Board Carol Winters
bulletEyeglass Sorting Open

Second Vice-President -- 
 Garland Schossow

Sep., Nov., Jan., Mar., May, & Jul. Programs and Supervises
following committees:

bulletHistorical Carol Winters
bulletSight Conservation
bulletLioness Liaison
Chuck Wood
bullet Peace Poster Allan Thoreson, Ivadeen Proffitt, Scott Lothe
bulletPublicity Open
bulletNewsletter Jack Farr
bulletHearing Chairman Chuck Wood