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  Mary Foley  


For the 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award:

Our first/next Marshalltown champion can see efficient solutions to problems and provide the leadership to bring it to a successful conclusion.

Many of her achievements show assets of caring, equality, and social justice.

bulletAs a new member of the Marshalltown Medical Auxiliary in the mid-1970’s, she implemented the car seat rental program for new mothers.
bulletDuring more than 20 years of volunteer service to the Meals on Wheels program, she has worked tirelessly to improve the delivery of meals. She continues to work on the quality of food and efficiency of transportation.
bulletBeginning in 1995, she took on the job of developing the Marshalltown Free Medical Clinic. Every Wednesday night for seven years, local health care workers volunteered their services in the basement of Trinity Lutheran Church. These volunteers included physicians, nurses, medical technologists, pharmacists, social workers, clerical workers, and interpreters. The Free Clinic, which provided free basic health care to the uninsured and underinsured, operated entirely with donations of dollars and supplies. In eight years, the clinic served over 4600 patients.
bulletCurrently, this Marshalltown Champion is developing the MedAssist Prescription Drug program, which is a new service at the Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center. The MedAssist program works with local physicians and drug manufacturers to help low-income individuals receive prescription drugs at a reduced cost

This Marshalltown Champion has been

bulletPast president of Marshall County Medical Alliance
bulletPast president of Iowa Medical Alliance
bulletChair of MMSC Ethics Committee
bulletAn active member of the Marshalltown Diversity Committee

She has unselfishly promoted good health for everyone in the community with leadership and integrity that drives each project to success.

Please congratulate a Marshalltown Champion, to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award , Mary Foley….