1.  Referral: Applications of hearing aids should be referred to a local Lions/Lioness club.

2.  Evaluation of financial need:

a.  Each applicant is evaluated for financial need by the local club. Home visit forms if needed may be obtained from the Hearing Aid Bank or downloaded HERE.

b.  If accepted for a hearing aid from the bank a decision is to be made who makes payment of $100 - $150 to the hearing aid dispenser for testing and making of an ear mold, (can be Lions club, client, or cooperative effort). The hearing aid itself is free.

3.  The local club will contact a participating hearing aid dispenser with the name, address, phone number of the accepted client and financial arrangements made for payment.

4.  The accepted applicant will then make an appointment with the participating hearing aid dispenser contacted by the local club to complete a hearing evaluation to determine the need for amplification. The hearing aid dispenser will call the hearing aid bank for the proper hearing aid.

5.  The hearing aid dispenser will submit fitting fees to the participating club, or client as previously arranged.


This information is from the Forms Page of the Iowa Lions website:

If further information or help is needed feel free to contact the Coordinator at 319-827-1395 or

Silence really isn't golden to those with a hearing impairment that can't afford to purchase new hearing aids. Helping them is one way to live our motto, "We Serve."