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  Dorothy Apgar  


For the 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award:

Our first/next Marshalltown champion demonstrates these assets for all of us:

bulletA lifelong commitment to learning and constructive use of time
bulletA strong and positive sense of identity and personal worth
bulletWell-developed skills in personal relationship building
bulletStrong and positive set of values that include the importance of contributing personal time and talents back to the community

She has applied her love of history and skill for historical research to countless projects and community activities. A few of her special achievements and accomplishments are:

bulletShe was editor, publisher, and major contributor to an 800-page volume titled, The Continuing History of Marshall County, Iowa, published in 1999.
bulletShe was a founder of the Riverside Candlelight Cemetery Tours which our community has enjoyed since the mid-1990’s, and she continues to write the scripts which bring residents of the past to life to educate and entertain us during the event.
bulletShe was a guiding force for observance and celebration of Marshalltown’s Sesquicentennial this year. A member of the planning committee, she also authored the historical script for the Marshalltown Milestones Sound and Light Show performed during Oktemberfest.
bulletShe educated Marshalltown residents about each decade of Marshalltown’s history with monthly articles published in the Chamber Digest during 2003.
bulletShe is an annual presenter for Iowa Valley Leadership classes on Marshalltown history.

Her love of Marshalltown and its history has given us a sense of who we are by linking us to our past. She is an outstanding example of a life well lived and a stellar role model for youth.

Please congratulate a Marshalltown Champion, to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award , Dorothy Apgar….