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  Aquatic Center  


 The Marshalltown Aquatic Center opened June 27, 2003 and is a popular Summer attraction. 
       For times and activities, click the Parks & Recreation Link 
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      Photos by Ken Johnson
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Play_Area.jpg (97537 bytes)         Lazy_River_Entry.jpg (92045 bytes)          Slide_Splash.jpg (102311 bytes) 

Pool_Area.jpg (164795 bytes)
Pool area - Zero depth entry to the left, laps lanes in center, diving to right.
Lazy_River_Overview.jpg (130315 bytes)
Overview of the Lazy River Area
Lazy_River_Panorama.jpg (135728 bytes)
Panorama of the Lazy River from the Deck
 slide.jpg (77215 bytes)            Tube_Slide.jpg (95096 bytes)

    High_Board.jpg (54823 bytes)       Diving_Pool.jpg (82568 bytes)      Dump_Slide.jpg (105476 bytes)
High Board, Diving Pool, Drop Slide

floats.jpg (92287 bytes)      shark.jpg (46524 bytes)   

[CLICK HERE] for a photo on the Marshalltown City Website taken from a hot air balloon during the Buggies, BBQ, and Balloons festival!  The photo was shot looking west. 

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