Mustered Out

June, 1864

15 A fine day. Expected to get off today but did not.

16 Another pleasant day. At five o'clock fell in and was escorted through Newbern ____ the reminder of the reg't. Went on board of the Propeller Parthenia, a very slow boat.

17 A pleasant day. Got to Hatteras this morning at about six o'clock.

18 Still quite pleasant. A little cloudy. Got to Fort Monroe at about six o'clock. Did not go ashore. The vessel coaled up.

19 A pleasant day.

20 A fine day. Quite warm. Got to New York City at about ten o'clock. Got ashore about noon. Went to the N.Y. State Soldiers depot. Took Dinner. Then delivered up our arms. Got cleaned up. Stopped at Crookers, 74 Chatham st.

21 Went to Belvidere, N. J. Got there at about 8 ½ o'clock. Put up at Brokaws.

22 Called around and saw my friends. All seemed glad to see me. Went to M. E. church to lecture. This is the Methodist Church.

23 A fine day. Went to Vienna. Hired a horse and carriage. Gone all day.

24 A fine day. Made a number of calls. Went to M. E. church to prayer meeting.

25 A very warm day. Came on to N. Y. City. Put up at N. Y. State Soldiers depot. Thermometer 98.

26 A warm day. (Sunday) Went to a M. E. church this morning and to Central Park in the afternoon.

27 Still very warm. Nothing new. No sign of getting mustered out.

28 Everything just the same. Fair and hot. I feel very impatient at this delay.

29 Nothing new. Don't feel well.

30 Another hot day. Just made out to get to work on our rolls this afternoon.

July, 1864

1 Myself, 1st sergt. and two others worked all day on the rolls. Got five finished.

2 A hot day. I worked all day on the rolls. Made out two myself. A good deal of work. 112 names on each of five rolls, 16 on the two pay rolls.

3 A hot day. Attended services in the afternoon at the N. Y. Soldiers depot. Towards night the boys began with their fire crackers, guns, and pistols.

4 A hot day. The young folks kept up a great racket all night. I could sleep but a very little. There was a parade of the City militia. I wish I was out of the city. Witnessed the fireworks at the city Hall in the eve. They were splendid; paid me for all ____ .

5 A fine day. About nine o'clock last night a fire broke out near the N. Y. Soldiers depot where I stop. It spread and 8 or ten buildings were burnt. Ten steam fire engines were out. I caught an additional cold last night.

6 Got mustered out today and rec'd our discharges. A hot day.

7 A hot day.

8 A little rain today. Got paid off at four o'clock P. M. Paid up to July 2nd. Started at eight P. M. on New Haven & Boston R. R. for home.

9 A fine day. Arrived in Boston at six A. M. At 7 ½ o'clock A. M. took the cars on Boston & Maine R. R. for Gardiner. Arrived there at about 4 P. M. Folks very glad to see me. He is back home in Maine.

10 A fine day. Not quite so warm as in N. Y. Went to church in the forenoon and S. S. concert in the afternoon.

11 Quite a warm day. Took accommodation train for Hallowell. It looks just like the same old place. Came back at 2 ½ P. M. A little shower took place just as we got outside the city. Eugene Goodwin was born in Hallowell, Maine. It is near Augusta.

12 Another warm day. Had a heavy shower last night.

13 A warm and pleasant day.

14 No entry.

15 No entry.

16 No entry.

17 Attended church forenoon and eve.

18 Very warm and dry the past week. Took the Fly train to Hallowell and then went over the river. Saw some familiar faces, but there has been very many changes. A great many old persons have died.

19 Called on all the old neighbors who were left. Visited the graves of father and mother and sister. Came to Gardiner on the last train. Found bro. George at home. A long time since I saw him. Ten or eleven years. Gardiner is next to Hallowell.

20 Hot and dry. Did nothing today.

21 Hot and dry. At three o'clock took Eastern Queen form Gardiner to Balt. Arrived there at 6 ½ o'clock. Stopped at Mr. Turner's. Sister Hannah accompanied me.

22 Still hot and dry. Did nothing today.

23 Hot and dry. Crossed the ferry to Woolwich and hired a boy to take us in a carriage to Winship Lilly's. Paid $2.00. Arrived there at noon.

24 Hot and dry. Mr. Lilly kept up a continual tirade against the government. I said but little for fear of getting excited. At five o'clock Mrs. Lilly took us in a carriage to Mr. Gilmores.

25 Cloudy and cool. Went to Mr. Fullerton's on foot in the afternoon. Sister staid there all night. I came back to Mr. Gilmore's. Had quite a rain in the evening.

26 Cloudy in the forenoon and windy. Fair and hot in the afternoon. We went to Bath in the forenoon, and to the Menagarie in the afternoon. Did not like it much. A great crowd there. The menagerie was probably an expedition of animals that traveled from town to town.

27 Hot and dry. Made a call on Mrs. White, a cousin.

28 Hot and dry. Made a call in the morning on Mrs. Kelly, a cousin. At eleven o'clock took Str. Scotia (a captured blockade runner which now runs from Portland to Augusta) to Gardiner. Arrived there at 3 o'clock.

29 A very little rain fell in the morning. Did nothing today.

30 Went to Hallowell. Took dinner with Bro. James' wife. Then went to Augusta and saw him.

31 Hot. Attended church all day and evening.